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Recortadora de hilo sin escobillas ONE+™ Lithium+™ de 18 V

Modelo: #P2090 | N.º de SKU de Home Depot: 1002184447

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Recortadora de hilo sin escobilla 18V ONE+™ Lithium+™  está calificado 4.7 de 5 por 427.
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Awesome Ryobi Brushless String Trimmer I have a plug in string trimmer first, it's doing good trimming jobs, later bought a gas engine trimmer, doing a fantastic trimmer job, but few years later, due to not enough gas oil mixture, got funny noise in the cylinder, so no longer using it, got this latest brushless trimmer, so far I've only been using in LOW setting, it's got plenty of power already, really love the convenient of 18V battery operation, which I got several batteries already, this make it so easy just pick up and go, when the battery is dead, a good sign to take a break, plug in another battery later to continue, no more wires to drag or gas to mix anymore, what an awesome trimmer, highly recommended.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-12-12
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Reliable This is my first summer without a gas powered trimmer. My old gas machine finally died a long and agonizing death. I start shopping for a replacement and give serious consideration to Ryobi products based upon past experience and reputation. After using my new battery powered trimmer I have nothing but good things to say. It's quiet, lightweight and does not put a strain on my back. I like the fact it was simple plug in the battery and trim. No pumping gas no filling tanks, no mixing oil with fuel, no start-stop- run control to mess with. Even loading replacement filament for trimming is easier than my old machine. I highly recommend this product to friends and family.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-07-16
Calificado 5 de 5 por de So far so good My gas trimmer finally quit so I decided to try out a cordless string trimmer.Was initially skeptical because I have owned gas trimmers all my life,but at 67 years old I decided to bite the bullet and try one because I'm tired of lugging around these big heavy gas trimmers,feeding them gas and oil,and cranking them up.Now I had a pretty robust 27cc straight shaft trimmer but I gotta tell you that I am initially impressed with it's ease of use and power,not to mention the easy load line feature.I have other ryobi 18 volt tools so I am also happy that I can also interchange batteries.I've only used it once so far,but if it continues to perform the way it did I will be ecstatic!
Fecha de publicación: 2017-08-16
Calificado 5 de 5 por de One battery is enough model P2090. Wanted to use it more than once before reviewing. I have at least 500 linear feet of trimming to do and my old B&D 18 volt needed more than 3 batteries, even with 2 that were 1.5 Ah. Too many cordless tools are only giving underpowered batteries to keep the initial price low, then you have to buy another battery. This one (4 Ah) didn't come close to needing another charge, I can finish everything all at once. I especially appreciate the variable speed with the trigger, just like a drill, since my flower beds are mulched with stones; I can keep the speed down so I don't throw stones all over.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-07-08
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Was Gonna Buy Gas But.... Had a Ryobi drill with 2 batteries. Went to buy a gas trimmer, then saw this in Home Depot. Although I was skeptical it would do my whole lawn in one battery, I figured I had the two backup batteries. Did both front and back and still had leftover power on the trimmer. Perfect for suburban use. Only thing, the welds on the threads for the handle are poorly done, be careful with over-tightening. Also, the string feed delivery could be a little easier. Overall, great for light to moderate use. Get gas if over 0.25 acre, or heavy vegetation.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-05-22
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Another great Ryobi product. After 11 years my trimmer gave out. Being tired of mixing gas I decided to go this route. Ryobi makes great products and this 18 volt brushless trimmer didn't disappoint. Good power and two speeds to work with. And loading the string literally takes less than a minute. I did have to pull the head off because the preloaded string was bound up. After that it advanced with every bump. Very happy with my purchase and will recommend to anyone looking for a string trimmer.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-05-12
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Surprised! Model P2090. I hate buying gas, pouring gas, messing with oil, spark plugs, yanking start cords etc. but, I was skeptical about a cordless with only 18 volts. After reading the reviews on this new 2017 model, I took the chance because I already have two smaller Ryobi 18 volt lithium ion batteries to alternate while recharging. I felt confident that it would serve my purposes, but I needed to help a neighbor that was unable to keep her yard up and the weeds were up to waist high. I was pleasantly surprised by this trimmer. This trimmer rivaled my corded Craftsman (which was the most powerful electric they made when I bought it)! I think the Low Power setting will be plenty for most of my needs. Yes, an extra battery will be on your want list. Loading line was a time-consuming pain on my old Craftsman so I look forward to the “Reel-Easy” feature.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-06-03
Calificado 4 de 5 por de More than what I expected I bought this trimmer after an old gas one needed a carburetor. I figured, that really with my in town yard a cordless one would do fine. I was pleasantly spruced with how ell this trimmer has performed. I have a 10,000 square foot lot, fence all around the back, several trees, and I was able to do all the trimming front in back on a single battery. This, to my surprise was more than I was expecting. I pushed it a little further. I was able to continue on to do the edging by the driveway and sidewalk. Still had battery left. The only thing I have noticed that seems odd, is the trimmer head rotates counter clockwise. I have only ever owned/used gas trimmers. Three different ones, and they all rotated clockwise. Just takes some getting used to is all.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-05-27
Calificado 4 de 5 por de Performed better than I expected. Great Product! I just bought this today since I got tired of gas trimmers, I didn't think this product was going to perform as well as my gas trimmer. I starter using with the speed set to 1 and it was doing well with the edging and trimming around the fence even with thick brush. I tried it also with the speed set to 2 and it really goes but I thought it was overkill for the work around my house. In about 30 minutes of constant use on the speed set at 1 the 4.0 AH battery died but fortunately I have two more batteries from my other tools and was able to finish the job. So far I'm impressed how well it cut considering that I have only used gas trimmers in the past. I has definitely replaced my gas trimmer.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-09-07
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Love the wheel! I've had this trimmer for 3 months now and I love it. It is far superior to my B&D one (hanging unused in my garage now). The power is excellent, but what I especially like is the ability to use this as an edger since the head easily rotates and a guide wheel supports the edger. My only criticism is that the string has been unable to advance a couple of times and when I viewed the spool, the problem stemmed from the string being wound originally very messily, so it was snagged. This is how it came as purchased, so I will be careful when I refill the spool to wind it evenly. Otherwise, great!
Fecha de publicación: 2017-12-02
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Who needs Gas! The switch from gas to a battery seems weird but this was a great buy. Been a proponent of gas trimmers for the power and performance for a longtime but needed a new one. Saw the Fathers Day add for the Ryobi combos and figured what the heck. It works great. The 18v High Capacity Battery was up to the challenge. Yard is 100'x180' with multiple trees, flower beds, gardens, walkways and a driveway to trim around. No issues at all and finished with 1 light left on the power bar. Works great. Lighter than my old Troy-Bilt model and a bonus you don't smell like jet fuel when your done. Love it.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-06-30
Calificado 3 de 5 por de Almost There! I like the weight, balance, power and looks! However, I cannot recommend this machine if they're all like mine. Just bought it this past Saturday (6-10-17), took it home, assembled the machine and then proceeded to use it. I have some very tough creeping grass that requires maximum power to cut. However, on high speed (max power), the machine vibrates so badly that it makes my hands numb. As an experiment, I removed the line cup & spool assembly and ran the unit at full speed. It wasn't buttery smooth, however, 90-95% of the vibration went away- so there's an issue with the balance of the cutting head at maximum RPM. My hands hurt that night, the effects of the vibration were that bad. Fix this problem and Ryobi has a GREAT product. I'll recommend it with the above misgivings!
Fecha de publicación: 2017-06-12
Calificado 2 de 5 por de Great expectations NOT fulfilled Works ok but does not last at all. The Ryobi rep at the store I talked to when buying it said it will run for an hour. It lasts no more than 20 minutes tops, and that is on slow speed at least some of the time. Thought it may be just the initial full charge, but after a few charges it is the same thing. About 15 minutes of use is all I get. Bought this replacing a corded device and liked the idea of getting anywhere close to 1 hour of use. Does not deliver anywhere near that. Bad deal. Disappointed.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-06-15
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Light, Quiet, and Power to Boot I have now trimmed my 1.5 acre lot twice with this tool. I have used both the high and low power settings and even trimmed my rocky hillside with it. It has way more power than necessary for regular yard work and the high setting tackles thick weeds much better than than my gas husqvarna did. I actually bought this to replace it because I was simply tired of the noise and buying 2-3 cans of premixed gas every month. In the short time I've had this, I also added the 18v leaf blower and the grinder. I am officially sold on Ryobi and can't wait to add more and grow my One+ collection.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-07-07
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Way better than I ever expected I have now had the pleasure of using this unit roughly a dozen times and I continue to enjoy it more and more with each use. So much in fact that I wound up buying the 18v blower and even starting converting my old 19.2v craftsman power tools as well. The battery lasts me for 25-30 easily with no drop in performance. I have yet to need the "high" power mode as the standard mode tackles everything from grass to ragweed. I love the weight, the balance, the lack of noise and, most importantly, no more startup process. You don't need to fuel it, prime it, full choke, start it, half choke and blah blah blah. Just pop a battery on and go. Thanks Ryobi! I can't wait to add more to my growing collection of One+ products.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-07-24
Calificado 4 de 5 por de trimmer For the most part I love this string trimmer. but after about 45 min or longer of use it starts to loose power and then stops. You wait a min and it starts running again for a very few min then it starts to die and stops. The battery shows good. It is almost like it is getting hot and tripping out but no where in the book does it say how long you can use the trimmer. I have an acre of ground and trees and fence to trim. But over all I like the the unit. The best trimmer I had was the walk behind trimmer but it died and no parts and can't buy a new one so I have this one.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-09-05
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Great cutting power! We bought this trimmer two weeks ago to replace a gas trimmer that had been acting up. The battery power lasts about 20-25 minutes in my yard. I use it for edging the stone walls and fencing. The string release is smooth and easy to refill. We also bought the leaf blower as well so we would have an additional charger and battery. Home Depot had a sale on the 18V battery, buy one get one free so we bought two additional batteries as well. Now we have four charged batteries to use on two Ryobi products. I use two batteries when trimming our yard and we have 3/4 acre.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-07-22
Calificado 5 de 5 por de The #1 Trimmer I bought it a couple weeks ago. I bought a new house and it had weeds everywhere. I little put this thing to the test. I weed eated grass amd weeds that were thick and tall down to bare cement. I also edged my sidewalk and driveway putting in one battery after the next just to keep it going to test it and it never let down. Make sure you buy extra string though if your edging with it. Keep the string long. Very affordable. It comes with their best battery and a charger. DO NOT BUY A ONE STRING TRIMMER from anywhere. They are useless and shouldn't make them.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-07-27
Calificado 5 de 5 por de A Really Decent Trimmer A real review. It's not gas, don't expect gas performance, but do expect excellent weedeater performance from a Ryobi battery product. I don't know if it's the brushless construction or the 4AH Battery, maybe the combo, it works well on my Centipede and St Augustine grasses. Use low speed setting and don't be in a hurry, that's how you get this rig to perform well. I won't claim Battery to acre like some do, that's is all relative. The big batteries last well on low setting, and the rig cuts best there too. Have a couple batteries, I even used some of the 2.4Ah's, but 4Ah's are the best. If you like the Ryobi lithium battery tools, you'll probably like this, but possibly not so much if you don't invest in a couple 4Ah batteries.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-08-03
Calificado 4 de 5 por de Works really well I got this week and it is much more powerful than my previous one. I also bought they smaller battery and use this on low power for most of my stuff. I rarely need high power. The line is strong enough to deal with my chain link fence with excessive wear. Even with the smaller battery, i can do my entire yard which includes 260 feet of fencing ( x 2 since i do both sides) and some trees and along the drive way and walk way etc. I will try to rig up a sling for my shoulder to this - since i have a bad back but i doubt most people would have a problem,
Fecha de publicación: 2017-06-15
Calificado 5 de 5 por de durable and quality built Just used this trimmer for the first time and wish I would have switched to cordless a long time ago. performs as well as my "old" 2 cycle gas trimmer, without the mess of mixing fuel ,and the frustration of seasonal tuning and maintenance. Battery life lasted through my 1/2 acre yard work. The string feeds without problems and I especially enjoy the feature; the string stops spinning when i release the trigger. the easy threading of the string is the best, no more frustration trying to wrap string and having it pop loose and unravel. would like to see , in the future, a way of attaching the rewinding tool to the trimmer to make the process easier, eliminating the need to find the tool, just one more task to make the process easier
Fecha de publicación: 2017-05-07
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Great little machine! I bought this about 2 months ago, because my wife was wanting to get a small electric one that she could use around the house without over taxing her bad shoulders. The electric ones are a pain to use dragging an elctrical cord with you, and you can only get so far from the house. I bought this one on line from Home Depot and I am very pleased with it. It has all the power we need 90% of the time. The battery only lasts for around 30 minutes, but that is about the longest my wife or I care to weed wack in one shot anyway. I'm glad I purchased it.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-08-19
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Lightweight and Powerful Too! I worked doing landscape on a golfcourse for 6 yrs. Recently purchased 2.5 acres that need a lot of TLC. I had a weed eater trimmer gas powered that was a real pain to start. At first I was skeptical of the power of this tool since it is battery operated, but with a 30 day return policy, I decided to give it a try. I am rather impressed with the power and battery life of this trimmer! I can run it for 30-45 minutes before the battery dies out. I did switch it from 13 to 15" trimmer and that was nice as well. It's a pretty powerful little tool. It's also pretty lightweight so that is very nice as well. I would rate it at about 80% the power of a mid-model gas trimmer. It's no Echo, but it works very well for being battery powered!
Fecha de publicación: 2017-08-02
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Great for older folks As an older person, being independent is important...but losing body strength happens. My husband and I were so excited at the light weight this string trimmer has. We both can operate it with ease, and without feeling like we were going to die when we finished the job. Thank you so much! My sons also thank you because we don't need to pull them away from their families to help with the trimming.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-06-05
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Fantastic Product My yard tools have all been corded. It's nice to take them out, plug them in, and go without gas or oil. The cord wouldn't reach the back corner of the yard or, with the hedge trimmer, it was cut in half. I love this thing. The battery lasts forever and it doesn't feel like there's a lack of power. I noticed it does vibrate more than my corded one and bothers my hands when I use it a long time and the trigger seems wimpy and I bet it's the first thing to go. but at least I'm not tied down. PS It sounds like a toy remote control car.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-09-28
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Why I'm switching to Ryobi I've seen a few guys run Ryobi products on the jobsite and they usually take a verbal beating from the guys. Thing is I have pretty much every brand tool on the market, at least one tool of each brand and Ryobi isn't inferior to any of the more expensive brands. The thing Ryobi really excells at is utilizing their cordless across multiple facets of tools. The line trimmer is made very well and seems like it will last for a long time. Looking forward to accumulating more Ryobi tools to use my 18 volt batteries on.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-06-25
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Lightweight, easy to use, good battery life Bought this when my pull cord on my gas trimmer broke for the 2nd time in 5 years. Was concerned with batter life, but have no issue finishing my yard on single charge, even when I do some edging along my pavers. Works great and uses less string than my old trimmer, especially along the wrought iron fence.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-06-02
Calificado 5 de 5 por de powrefull! I purchased this cordless trimmer to replace an 18 year ryobi gas trimmer that that finally gave up last year. Was not sure if it would perform as well that gas trimmer but i was presently suprised. Trimmed my half acre with the fully charged battery and had a little life left in reserve.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-05-21
Calificado 3 de 5 por de Lousy Quality Control Just purchased it because I own 4 one+ batteries.. box did not include cheapest part but most important part. No hex wrench to complete assembly... no problem.. I own a ryobi attachment set which includes all sorts of hex, phillips, flat and even star drives. None fit this size... so after buggering screw inside I had to use a pair of pliers to tighten both ends together.. it doesnt look good. I am not happy.. now wouldnt tell anyone to buy this no matter how well it performs..
Fecha de publicación: 2017-05-23
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Great trimmer I replaced my gas weed eater with this electric because I was getting tired of the maintenance tasks that part of gas motors. This trimmer is amazing. It is much lighter compared to my gas. The bump to extend the string is an awesome feature and it works well. Keep it at lower setting and the battery would last long. I can usually do two applications on one charge. I have tried the corded electric trimmers too but gave up as it seemed too much work to bring out the long cord and manage it.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-09-16
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RYOBI continúa cambiando el panorama de las recortadoras de hilo de 18 V con la recortadora de hilo sin escobillas ONE+ Lithium+ 18 V, que ofreciendo una potencia superior que la hace competencia a las que funcionan a gas. Esta recortadora tiene un motor sin escobillas que brinda máxima potencia y durabilidad. Permite realizar cargas rápidas y simples porque viene equipada con REEL EASY con cabezal de alimentación semiautomática, el cual puede recargarse en 60 segundos o menos. El gatillo de velocidad variable y el selector de 2 velocidades ofrece un mayor control para cualquier aplicación. El ancho de corte ajustable de 11" - 13" le permite optimizar su recortadora para obtener un tiempo de funcionamiento prolongado o un trayecto de corte más ancho. Esta recortadora liviana y bien balanceada también tiene un mango frontal ajustable para comodidad del usuario, y está equipada con una batería de 4.0 Ah para un tiempo de funcionamiento prolongado. La batería y el cargador que están incluidos son compatibles con más de 70 herramientas del sistema Ryobi ONE+. Con el respaldo de una garantía por 3 años.

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085b2012 a45f 4435 893b e3a619d62d98 de lista

Motor sin escobillas que brinda máxima potencia y durabilidad

Cabezal de alimentación Reel Easy que permite recargar en forma rápida y fácil

Velocidad variable y gatillo de 2 velocidades para mayor control

Hilo retorcido dual premium de 0.080"

Mango frontal ajustable para la comodidad del usuario

Ajustable Ancho de corte ajustable de 11" a 13"

Peso: 9 lb.

Fuente de energía: batería de 18 V

Gatillo: gatillo de velocidad variable

Avance de hilo: alimentación semiautomática

Trayecto de corte: 10-13"

Recortadora de hilo

Batería de alta capacidad Lithium+ de 18 V y 4.0 Ah

Cargador doble tipo químico de 18 V

Deflector de pasto

Mango frontal

Manual del usuario

Recortadora de hilo 18V - Modelo p2009

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Hoja de repuesto de 16" para cortadora de césped de 40 V - Modelo ac04154

Ac04154 000997004 851 trilingüe 02
Publicado: 02-25-2016
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Cargador doble tipo químico de 18 V - Modelo p118

P118 165 trilingual
Publicado: 02-19-2014
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