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Recortadora/Bordeadora de hilo ONE+™ de 18 V

Modelo: #P2210 | N.º de SKU de Home Depot: 715305

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Recortadora de hilo híbrida/Bordeadora ONE+™ 18 V está calificado 4.4 de 5 por 654.
Calificado 1 de 5 por de Why sell a battery trimmer P2210 with no battery Well I needed a new trimmer and picked this up, thinking wow dual power cool. I got it home opened it up and found out it didn't come with a battery or charger and I did have a extension cord long enough to reach where I needed. Kind of like buying a new car with out the motor in it, just another half bum tool in the garage. Good think the neighbour next door heard me praising my new trimmer and came over to have a laugh at me. He had a drill that he let me use the battery from and we tried it out. I can see going through a lot or cord, because every time you stop and restart, it feeds out more cord needed or not..
Fecha de publicación: 2017-06-05
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Great flexibility! Circumstances have prevented me from using my new trimmer very much, but I was pleased with the performance it provided. I already owned other Ryobi tools so it was also helpful to add another charger and two more 18V batteries to my arsenal. That said, I do have one issue which I expect will be easily resolved - the metal clip that holds the battery in place somehow became bent and despite some modest effort to straighten it, the battery function no longer works. I was therefore obliged to use the trimmer in the electric cord mode only, which is fine, but I want to have the ability to go cordless too. I expect it is a quick and simple repair under warranty with Ryobi.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-11-18
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Helping more than my yard :) Recently my landlord passed away, leaving his 79 y/o widow and a retired farm with 3 houses, one of which I rent. Lawn care was included with our rent...but now she is totally overwhelmed and needed help around here. Her daughter is doing the mowing and I offered to do trimming...the hybrid is perfect and I am loving it! It's powerful enough to cut the toughest, tallest nasty prickers and weeds in one pass. I thought I'd be all day doing this task, but the trimmer is light enough for me to keep going without needing a break. I'm so glad I found this particular trimmer, it's perfect as far as I'm concerned!
Fecha de publicación: 2017-08-11
Calificado 4 de 5 por de Good Trimmer! When my gas trimmer finally bit the dust, I was looking for a quick inexpensive replacement. I got that with this Ryobi trimmer. However, I guess as expected, there were some drawbacks. I just about get my property finished when the charge runs out. You do have the option of plugging the extension cord in, but who wants to drag that out? For not having a gas engine and fuel tank, it has some weight to it. I like not having to deal with the gas and oil mixture but I do wish the charge lasted longer. Maybe not the best choice for my single family home but would be a great choice for a townhouse or rowhouse.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-04-18
Calificado 4 de 5 por de So far so good Purchased this tool 2 1/2 months ago. So far it works quite well. I wish I had converted to cordless earlier. The One+ 18v Ryobi system is great - allows you to share your batteries with multiple tools. I recommend using the 4 AmpH Li battery for longer run time (obviously). The smaller batteries start to lose power before I am finished trimming my property (approx 320 linear ft). Also, i have not experienced how easy it will be to change the string when it runs out. I'll see how this tool operates in it's 2nd year but if it behaves like my other Ryobi tools, I'll be still using this in 5 years.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-10-01
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Power without gas I have used gas powered grass trimmers for many decades. Whendrills & circular my last gas weedeater died & couldnot be revived, I looked into many battery & gas & electric weedeates. I have Ryobi 18V drill & circular saw & love them.When I saw that Ryobi made trimmers I read the reviews from many sights & decided to take a chance. I am so glad I did, the power is just as strong as a small cc gas trimmer. With extra batteries at hand I can trim just under a quarter acre in about 45min to 1 hr without the trimmer or me breaking a sweat. I would not think twice about bing a nother Ryobi trimmer.The Battery & elctric option are great.No other trimmer has this option as I am aware of.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-08-10
Calificado 5 de 5 por de First Cordless I had been using an electric trimmer/edger for years. This process was taking up to one hour constantly moving electric cord from one outlet to another. After research and recommendations, I purchased the "Ryobi 18V ONE+ Hybrid Trimmer". After one use, I was very upset with myself. Upset that I did not make the purchase much sooner. My trim time is now under 25 minutes. The unit is easy to use with more run time that I will ever need in a single use. Recharging time is very quick. The unit is perfectly balanced. Neighbors are looking over the fence asking me questions about my new trimmer.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-08-03
Calificado 4 de 5 por de Performs very well Great product. I live in an end of group town home and take pride in my lawn. I trim and edge every week and this trimmer works great. The only disappointment is the trimmer string is weak. I go thru a spool far too quick.
Fecha de publicación: 2018-01-07
Calificado 2 de 5 por de Battery Issues The battery being of low wattage only gave us about 20 minutes of use. We were able to use the battery two or three times before the battery became defective. It was a good machine when it worked. Customer service was awesome. I had to call a special number for batteries. Also, the 18V battery was back ordered until January (which is a good indication there may be an issue with the battery). Customer service said that we could return the machine to a store since it was still within the return policy terms. My wife returned it to the store with no problems even without the box nor the instructions. We ended up getting another brand since there were a lot of reviews complaining about the battery and she did not want to have to return another machine.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-08-31
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Versatile and Easy This trimmer feels small but I was surprised at how powerful it was and how long the battery lasted. I found myself testing it out on other tasks after I was done edging to see how long the battery would last. I easily adjusted the neck for side angle cutting and made quick work of my Mexican Petunia hedges that need constant pruning. This is one of several Ryobi 18v tools I have and like. All the 18v batteries are interchangeable. Get you a BOGO pack of the larger 18v batteries around the holidays.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-01-17
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Excellent weed killer! I purchased this over a year ago and it still running strong. The biggest benefit is the ability to use both corded and cordless to tackle any size job. I added the bladed trimmer which cuts through weeds like butter. Overall a great product, I would recommend the larger battery otherwise I would definitely recommend this trimmer for year round yard maintenance.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-04-18
Calificado 4 de 5 por de Quick and easy Just bought this trimmer today and put the battery on the charger. Tried around my house, fence, and edged my drive way with no issues. Not have to mess with extension cords cut my time in half. The auto feed on this trimmer works better then any other auto feed I have used. The trimmer could be a little more powerful but is great for regular yard maintainance, it probably won't stand up to heavy yardwork/landscaping but it is also a small trimmer. It being small makes it so my wife and use it while I am out of town without issues. Overall I would recommend this trimmer.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-05-29
Calificado 1 de 5 por de Lasted 3 months after lots of frustration I have a very small yard and use this weekly but perhaps 10-15 minutes. Immediately noticed that the string catches in the string case requiring me to repeatedly shut off the weed eater and dig it out or cut it out of the housing. After barely 3 months of light use the battery no longer holds a charge and repeated efforts to recharge it result in nothing. I found a very long extension cord, not the preferred option but noticed it is 10 times more powerful with the electric option. Other reviewers have noticed this burns the thing up but since I use it for about 10 minutes I'm hoping dragging a cord along works until I'm ready to buy a new one. It won't be a ryobi in the future. Very disappointed that I didn't save Home Depot receipts but grateful that I happened to have a long extension cord
Fecha de publicación: 2016-08-30
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Best trimmer My Ryobi trimmer/edger is the best i ever owned . I have tried other corded trimmers with auto feed and they were a pain . My Ryobi auto feeds perfectly and i can trim my entire yard with one large battery with no hassle . I enjoy all my Ryobi tools ,good quality for the money and each tool has the same battery every year.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-04-28
Calificado 4 de 5 por de Great value, almost perfect! Bought this tool and enjoyed that it was lightweight and worked well. easy to switch to edging mode. I would have skipped the auto-advance though, possibly having a handle based advance or something. Not really a downside, just a preference. As well, having a 'cable lock' that would hold the plug head in would have been a nice touch! Again, more a recommendation than a complaint! Otherwise happy with the tool. Did the job, lightweight, and I really like the hybrid option of plugging in OR battery in the event I am forgetful - this was a huge selling feature for me!
Fecha de publicación: 2017-04-17
Calificado 5 de 5 por de My wish come true I have had several various styles of trimmers over the years which have never really met my expectations until I purchased this hybrid trimmer. I have quite a collection of Ryobi tools, all outstanding value for the money and as a result have 6 lithium batteries to work with. The interesting part is that I have never been able to completely do my property on one battery with the other trimmers I owned. No PROBLEM with this trimmer. I thought that it would take at least two but I was wrong and I am impressed. This is an excellent tool and I am proud to say so!!!
Fecha de publicación: 2017-06-13
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Extremely Handy! Ever since I used Ryobi One Plus tools at work, I fell in love Ryobi. What a great feature that all tools work with same batteries! This Hybrid Trimmer/Edger Combo is the first Ryobi that I own. Trimming with handy battery operated tool was absolutely fun! After 45 minutes continuously working on my yard, the battery died off. I was frustrated as I do not have any extra batteries unlike my office does. That’s when I realized that it is Hybrid! With the power cords attached, I was able to finish my yard with super power. The only downside is that the string is too thin. Well, it could just be my preference. Overall, I am very satisfied with Hybrid String Trimmer/Edger! Keep up your excellent work, Ryobi!
Fecha de publicación: 2017-10-18
Calificado 1 de 5 por de String catches in moving parts of the trimmer I have had this machine 10 weeks. Lately the cutting cord gets caught in the engine and I am spending more time trying to release the cord than I am cutting weeds.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-07-08
Calificado 3 de 5 por de Initial review "First Time Use" After first time use. Positives: Versatile from trimmer to edger. Not to heavy. No issues with battery life. I do have a smaller yard though. Trim and edges well with the battery. I have not tried it with power cord. Negative: the feed of line every time you take your finger off the trigger. Wastes battery life and line. If I did not have a small yard I would probably not purchased the product simply for that very reason. I would only recommend for a smaller yard and practice running without taking your finger off the trigger and hope the battery lasts.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-06-23
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Best value! You know that for the money you'll never get a better product. All my power tools or Ryobi, and I'm a plumber. Not only that I just chop down a bunch of trees with my go-go gadget chainsaw and my handheld chainsaw (battery powered). The Weedwhacker might not be the strongest or the tool of choice for someone who weed whacks daily or for a living but for around the house you cannot beat the hybrid Weedwhacker.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-04-12
Calificado 3 de 5 por de Super Handy, but can be a pain. I'll start by saying that for small projects this is a steal! I love the flexibility it provides with either handheld battery or corded power. That being said, the edger feature is lackluster and I spent most of my time manually feeding through new line after it had snapped. I wasn't able to use the edger for more than maybe 15 seconds before the line would break off. I found that because the electric motor is close to the spool, that area heats up, the string would melt to the rest of the line on the spool and due to the extra tension from the lack of slack, the line would break off, even with upgraded, thicker gauge string. Overall I'm happy the tool, and the convenience it offers but I'm not looking forward to edging my walkway anytime soon.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-04-12
Calificado 1 de 5 por de Battery Life i purchased a trimmer about 13 months ago and the battery went bad and customer service told me to take back where i purchsed which was home Depot, they replaced with a new one in the box. i assembled and ran for few minites and ran battery down and recharged it. i used again and ran out of power in less than 10 minutes and had to recharge again and this battery will not recharge.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-05-23
Calificado 4 de 5 por de Works great. Easy to use. Doesn't last 45 minutes We still love it. Does what we needed. Love the cordless portability, non gas motor because every other weed eater I have owned was gas powered and is good for big jobs, but we don't have the need for the big jobs, or all the maintenance and repairs that a gas powered required. Only negative is that the battery doesn't last 45 minutes, but it does over 30 minutes. Plus having the cord back up is crucial! So start far and work your way in. If you run out, at least you can plug it in for the final close to home or an outlet work.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-08-14
Calificado 1 de 5 por de Doesn't work out of the box. Stay away from it Just bought this trimmer from Home Depot Canada in Red Deer, Alberta on May 29, 2017 to replace a old corded trimmer from Canadian Tire. Un-boxed it, attached the handle and the guard, and popped in a freshly charged battery. Tried trimming and all the cord does is wrap around the spool shaft. What a piece of garbage. Very frustrating.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-05-29
Calificado 3 de 5 por de Hope It Gets Better Bought it yesterday and gave battery a full charge. Used it today and battery only lasted 15 minutes. Glad I could plug into extension cord and finish my work. I am sure thankful I got the hybrid and do not have to totally rely on battery. Hopefully, with more use, the battery life will improve. A second battery would cost me as much as the entire trimmer did. I have always avoided battery power tools due to battery life issues. I would have preferred gas model, but do not have a safe place to store gasoline.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-07-26
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Cordless Versatility! One of the things I like about Ryobi products is the design features. A well thought out design that provides trimming and edging in one handy tool. With that flailing string, trimmer/edgers have always been problematic, but this one's a snap to sort out with none of that annoying "bumping" to deploy the string. In addition, I think the One+ system is pure genius, powerful, long-lasting batteries that charge quickly. The tool stops going, snap in another battery and, a 1/2-hour later, the depleted one is good to go!
Fecha de publicación: 2017-10-03
Calificado 5 de 5 por de No fuel and works like a charm Bought this at the start of the season last year. All I can say is that its a great purchase and meets my needs. The charge will just about do my entire yard. I happen to have an extra battery so I have never had to plug it in. I am very pleased and would recommend to anyone considering an electric string trimmer
Fecha de publicación: 2016-04-28
Calificado 4 de 5 por de Works great!!!! I purchased this trimmer to replace a gas version on its last leg. It works great once you get use to it. The biggest issue I have is the balance of this trimmer. With the handle and trigger all the way at the back you have to always use two hands and the weight is not balanced leading to frequent stops and rest. With most gas trimmers the motor is at the back and the handle is up on the shaft either the trigger. This gives the trimmer balance. Wish it came with a carry strap to help with the weight distribution.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-03-25
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Best of two Worlds I was looking for a good cordless trimmer but saw this one in the store. I do not like the weight and mess of the gas powered versions for the amount of work to be done at one go. This has worked out fantastic. I can use an extension cord while close to the house and an outlet but then easily switch to the battery to reach the outlying areas. The smaller battery works fine for me though I know I can purchase larger batteries that will last longer if needed. I look forward to using this trimmer for a long time.
Fecha de publicación: 2016-09-29
Calificado 5 de 5 por de Light weight Bought ours just over 2 months ago. Today I had it running, let go of the switch to open a gate, and it wouldn't start again. This happened a couple of more times so my husband (my handyman) took it apart and found a wire nut that wasn't crimped enough and was allowing the wires inside to lose contact. He fixed it and now it runs like a champ. I like helping with the yard work but the gas trimmer was heavy and awkward and the mix of the gas and 2 cycle oil STUNK. No more of that now. It's fine for our yard.
Fecha de publicación: 2017-06-18
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La recortadora de hilo / bordeadora híbrida RYOBI ONE+ de 18 V tiene dos fuentes de alimentación para un mantenimiento versátil del césped, dondequiera que esté. La recortadora de hilo puede funcionar con un cable o con una batería RYOBI de 18 V, lo que la hace compatible con todas las herramientas, todas la baterías y todos los cargadores del sistema RYOBI ONE+ de 18 V. La doble fuente de energía les ofrece a los usuarios movilidad y potencia sin límite al podar y bordear, asegurándose que nunca se queden sin energía. La recortadora de hilo híbrida RYOBI ONE+ de 18 V está respaldada por una garantía de 3 años.

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Preguntas frecuentes

Doble fuente de energía: batería de 18 V o energía eléctrica. Funciona con todas las herramientas y baterías ONE+™

Eje rotativo para recortar con comodidad

Ancho de corte ajustable de 10–12" para un funcionamiento más prolongado

Eje telescópico para comodidad del usuario

Incluye batería compacta de iones de litio de 18 V y cargador de 45 min.

Cabezal de corte automático con una línea de 0.065"

6.85 lb

Garantía limitada de 3 años

Doble fuente de energía: batería de 18 voltios (iones de litio) O extensión

Gatillo: gatillo de velocidad variable

Trayecto de corte: ancho de corte ajustable de 10-12"

Avance: automático

Línea: línea de 0.065"

Tamaño del patio: hasta 2/3 acre

Peso: 7 lb

Recortadora de hilo

Empuñadura frontal ergonómica ajustable

Montaje de deflector de pasto con tornillos

Batería de iones de litio de 18 V

Cargador de 18 V

Manual del usuario

¿Cuál es la mejor manera de cortar las hierbas y el césped utilizando una recortadora de hilo?

  • Mantenga la recortadora de hilo inclinada hacia el área que está cortando
  • Pase la unidad de izquierda a derecha (si utiliza una recortadora de hilo de eje curvo) o de derecha a izquierda (si utiliza una recortadora de hilo de eje recto). Al seguir estas direcciones de corte evitará que los restos de deshechos y césped regresen a usted.
  • Utilice la parte superior de la línea para hacer el corte. No fuerce el cabezal de corte dentro del césped no cortado; esto podría hacer que se atasque la recortadora.
  • Evite árboles, arbustos, y vallas y cercos de alambre.

¿Cómo coloco el deflector de pasto en mi recortadora de hilo sin cable de RYOBI?

  • Retire la batería.
  • Retire la bolsa de ferretería de plástico del deflector de pasto.
  • Coloque el deflector de plástico sobre el cabezal de corte.
  • Alinee los orificios de los tornillos del deflector de pasto con los orificios de la caja del motor.
  • Instale los tornillos provistos y ajústelos girándolos en el sentido de las agujas del reloj con un destornillador Phillips.

¿Cómo arranco y detengo mi recortadora de hilo sin cable de RYOBI?

Para arrancar:

  • Presione y mantenga presionado el botón de bloqueo.
  • Apriete el gatillo del interruptor

Para detener:

  • Suelte el gatillo del interruptor para detener la recortadora de hilo.
  • Al soltar el gatillo del interruptor, el botón de bloqueo volverá automáticamente a la posición bloqueada.

¿Cómo avanzo el hilo de mi recortadora de hilo sin cable de RYOBI?

NOTA: su recortadora de hilo sin cable de RYOBI está equipada con un cabezal de alimentación automática. Golpear el cabezal para intentar avanzar el hilo dañará la recortadora y anulará la garantía.

  • Con la recortadora en funcionamiento, libere el accionador del interruptor.
  • Espere dos segundos y vuelva a presionar el interruptor.

NOTA: el hilo se extenderá aproximadamente ¼" cada vez que se detenga y arranque el interruptor hasta que el hilo alcance el largo de la hoja de corte.

  • Reanude la tarea de recorte.

¿Cómo avanzo manualmente el hilo de mi recortadora de hilo sin cable de RYOBI?

  • Retire la batería.
  • Pulse el botón negro ubicado en el cabezal de corte mientras jala del hilo para avanzar el hilo manualmente.

¿Cómo reemplazo el carrete de mi recortadora de hilo sin cable de RYOBI?

NOTA: use solo hilo de monofilamento redondo de 0.065" o retorcido de 0.080".

  • Retire el paquete de baterías.
  • Empuje las lengüetas al costado de la traba del carrete.
  • Tire de la traba del carrete hacia arriba para retirarla.
  • Retire el carrete viejo.
  • Para instalar el carrete nuevo, asegúrese de que el hilo esté atrapado en la ranura del carrete nuevo. Asegúrese de que el extremo del hilo esté extendido aproximadamente 5" más allá de la ranura.
  • Instale el carrete nuevo de modo que el hilo y la ranura se alineen con el ojal del cabezal de corte. Enhebre el hilo en el ojal.
  • Tire del hilo que se extiende del cabezal de corte de modo que el hilo se suelte de la ranura del carrete. Vuelva a instalar la traba del carrete colocando las lengüetas en las ranuras y tirando hacia abajo hasta que la traba del carrete haga clic en el lugar.

¿Cómo reemplazo el hilo de mi recortadora de hilo sin cable de RYOBI?

  • Retire el paquete de baterías.
  • Retire el carretel del cabezal de corte.
  • NOTA: retire cualquier hilo viejo que quede en el carretel.
  • Corte un trozo de hilo de aproximadamente 9 pies de largo. Use solo hilo de monofilamento redondo de 065" o retorcido de 080".
  • Inserte el hilo en el orificio de sujeción de la parte superior del carrete. Enrolle el hilo en la parte superior del carrete en el sentido de las agujas del reloj, como muestran las flechas del carrete. Coloque hilo en la ranura en la pestaña del carrete superior, dejando alrededor de 6" extendido más allá de la ranura. No lo llene demasiado. Después de enrollar el hilo debe quedar por lo menos ¼" entre el hilo enrollado y el borde exterior del carrete.
  • Retire el carrete de trabajo de plástico y la tapa del carrete.

¿Cómo guardo mi recortadora de hilo sin cable de RYOBI?

  • Retire la batería de la recortadora de hilo antes de guardarla.
  • Limpie todos los materiales extraños que hayan quedado en la recortadora.
  • Guarde la unidad en un lugar al que no puedan acceder los niños y lejos de agentes corrosivos como productos químicos para el jardín y sales para deshielo.

¿Qué hago si mi recortadora de hilo sin cable de RYOBI no arranca?

Causa posible: la batería no está bien colocada

  • Para colocar la batería, asegúrese de que esté bien colocada a presión en su lugar.

Causa posible: la batería no está cargada.

  • Cargue la batería según las instrucciones adjuntas.

Recortadora de hilo híbrida de 18 voltios - Modelo p2200

P2200 281 trilingual 03
Publicado: 02-11-2015
Tamaño del archivo: 3.85 MB

P2200 281 r 02
Publicado: 11-14-2014
Tamaño del archivo: 374 KB

Martillo rotopercutor rotativo SDS - Modelo p221

P221 098 trilingual
Publicado: 05-13-2010
Tamaño del archivo: 2.63 MB

P221 098 r 03
Publicado: 05-25-2011
Tamaño del archivo: 797 KB

Martillo rotopercutor de 1/2", 3 velocidades, 18 V - Modelo p220

P220 541 eng
Publicado: 07-24-2006
Tamaño del archivo: 660 KB

P220 541 fr
Publicado: 07-24-2006
Tamaño del archivo: 668 KB

P220 541 sp
Publicado: 07-24-2006
Tamaño del archivo: 666 KB

P220 541 r
Publicado: 03-09-2006
Tamaño del archivo: 427 KB

Martillo rotopercutor de 1/2", 2 velocidades, 18 V - Modelo p210

P210 540 eng
Publicado: 07-24-2006
Tamaño del archivo: 772 KB

P210 540 fr
Publicado: 07-24-2006
Tamaño del archivo: 779 KB

P210 540 sp
Publicado: 07-24-2006
Tamaño del archivo: 776 KB

P210 540 r 04
Publicado: 01-19-2012
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Los clientes que prefieran hacer su compra por teléfono, pueden comunicarse con un distribuidor de piezas originales Ryobi llamando al número gratuito 1-877-545-4099.

Visite la Tienda de piezas de herramientas eléctricas Ryobi
P549 od Ry141612 od Ry142300 od Ryi911lp od

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